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Reasons for travelling the world. Some great opinions on why we travel, very thought provoking! http://www.thetravellersjourney.com/2009/06/12/travel-blog/why-travel/this-will-be-gone-tomorrow-another-reason/


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This post is a continuation of one of my first posts, we are all on a journey, I only posted it yeasterday afternoon. The comments that where left about my original question have opened new doors and more than that a certain hunger within. To understand, to understand what a traveller wants, needs and searches for. 

Is this understanding what a traveller looks for? is this the hunger? 

What is clear is that there are some huge differences between travel and a journey whih i did not coment on. A journey can be from A to B, it can also be a life time or throught a bottle of wine. A traveller is on a journey, and the meaning/purpose of this journey is different for everyone. What people gain from there experiences when they travel is different for everyone. Thus, everyone Journey/travel is different. 

What is most interesting for me is that i have friends who have travelled for relatively short periods of time, 1 year or so. I have to ask the question to myself, did they really travel, where they a traveller. What did they get out of their journey? Some came back with stories of drinking in bars, women and good times. Others had adrenalin filled experiences which they will never forget. None have spoken to me about cultures and the people they have met. Did they travel, or simply go on a long holiday! Did they think about culture, people and their spiritual development (I understand that their are many more which could be added here) while they where travelling. Did they think about it when they got back? 

What is a ‘traveler’, what is ‘travel’? To me, or you it could be something completely different to the next person reading this post! A journey is just as ambiguous?

Like everything in life their are extremes, maybe when you become an ‘Extreme Traveler’ (Have no idea what an extreme traveler is but it kinda fits) these lines and ambiguities become less complicate, or do they?

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