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10, even 5 years ago the world of wine was an out of reach place. A stereotypical and distant land where you either had to have money or be able to use big unheard of words. This is changing, boy is this changing. . . 

I would say i know little about wine, not because i don’t know what i like or what most Merlot or sancerre’s taste like but because i know how huge and complex the world of wine is. As you learn more, the more you realise there is to learn. You start off simple, grape varieties in the new world, you learn quickly because its easy to pick our wines you like and the flavours are big and bold. Then you move back into the old world, the complexity is huge, different regions, different grapes, different wine makers. This can be over whelming but the approach to wine is changing . . . 

Wine is no longer stuffy and anal, anyone who enjoys wine can get stuck in. Share a bottle, safe in the knowledge that they can talk about the wine and what it means to them. How it tastes to them.  I recently herd the descriptive term ‘Saddle Wax’ to describe the nose of a rather yummy Burgundy from a small unknown wine maker who is doing amazing things in France. Saddle Wax, does anyone out there know what saddle wax smells like? Its not that it smells like saddle wax, its that it gives you that feeling of when you walk into a stable, the mix of smells. OK, so you are still picking out something quite specific but, its specific to you and how you enjoy the wine. When i came to taste the wine could I smell, ‘saddle wax’? Of course i could! Would i have identified it as saddle wax in the first place, NO WAY!

Forget the explosion of new world wine’s, forget the changing production techniques in Bordeaux. What i see is that people’s perception of wine, people’s  love of wine and the way we talk about wine is changing, you no longer have to be a snob or wealthy to enjoy and learn about wine.

The Change is for the better, Cheers all.


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