What is the world of blogging, what does it mean to everyone?

I have just taken around an hour looking through blogs, looking at blog hosting web sites and have finally got a blog running. I had all these idea of what i was going to but into my blog, i have no real idea. the truth is i dont even know if i can keep it up. The truth is i a going to find this difficalt, i have never writen in this way before, I am poor at english and have difficulties spelling. All of this said i am going to give it a go. . . 


I dont yet know, i have always looked at blogs with wide eyes. What i have seen on the most part, (probably becuase of the type of blog I read) is that blogs can be factual, they can be funny and they can be someone venting their anger on the world or any multitude of things within it.  I am sure as i continue to write this blog i will have alot more to say about the thousands of people that blog around the world. Not becuase i look at them as wrong or stupid but beacuse altimatly people, people’s interests and veiws facinate me. 

At the moment i look at my own blog with fresh outlook, something that can grow, change and develop, much like a child. I dont know what it will turn into, good or bad. Whether it will help me write, will it turn into a thought process. 

The trigger/catalyst for the begining of this blog was the gaurdians TOP 100 web sites,  Why i dont know. I feel it would be good to write about whats out there i supose. who knows, i dont yet. . . 

So there you have it, a collection of my thoughts, a new blog, my blog.