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Find My Blog . . . Some Help

A very recent post i have read about Word Press search update is very interesting. It boasts that it is going to be easier to find blogs and most recent posts. Fantastic. 

I  find it really quite difficult to find what i am looking for when searching for blogs. Its not like the Internet and google, people are just writing away, there is little or no thought into what the search engines are looking at in a blog. As a result i have but together a few basic pointers, these are very basic and if you really want alot more people to find you i would recommend doing some research. 

  • Title – Make the title as relevant as you possibly can to what your taking about, For example, Find my blog. It does not always have to be a good title but one that is going to get searched for. 
  • Repeat – The words in the title which you think people will search for. Examples for this one would be Help find my blog.
  • Link – Link to other relevant blogs or web pages. I know that what i am writing here is basis Search Engine optimisation so i might put a link into SEO Book which is where the real SEO begins. This is a scary and complex world, very interesting though. Eventually other people will begin to link into your posts, when this starts to happen you will be found alot more easily, this takes time though. 
  • Use Excerpt & Tags – Always remember that the search engines whether it be google or wordpress are looking for as much information as possible. By labeling your post with the relevant tags, categories and Excerpt you are helping the search engines find you.
  • Content – Make it good, get more traffic. Content is key. 5 tips on writing blog posts.

Remember, your blog, whatever the subject is, is your blog. These guidelines/idea’s do not have to be followed religiously but they will help bring more people to your site.


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